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“Rocks deposited from this process have a distinct polished appearance.

The geologists on our team easily identified them, and we were able to date the samples.” The dating relies on the PRIME Lab’s powerful accelerator mass spectrometer and a gas-filled magnet detector.

C., nearly 1,500 years earlier than previously thought, and point to a fluctuating climate for several thousand years.

The Cordilleran Ice Sheet is of particular interest because it so closely resembles the Greenland Ice Sheet — whose current melting is the subject of much study and concern — in size and stretch from mountain ranges to oceans.

The findings show the ice sheet had completely melted by 9000 B.

Unfortunately, the space capsule carrying the samples crashed on its return to Earth, but Caffee has put the rare and sensitive detector to good use.

The detector measures the radioactive isotope beryllium-10, which is created only when the rock is exposed and hit by cosmic rays.

Handcrafted by the class of 1889, the walking stick was accompanied by documentation that read, “Inscribed hereon are the names of the graduates, as well as the words and music to the class song.

Class song was composed by the music and words by one John Mc Cutcheon.

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