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NBI in QUEZONSince when has the NBI become server of subpoena? Governor Nantes is not aware yet of this and will not allow one of his constituency from Bignay Sariaya, making a living in Manila to be forced at gunpoint just to sign a document.I don’t know but a certain Toledo and a group of heavily armed men claiming to be Quezon NBI elements went out of their jurisdiction to Blumentritt Sta Cruz Manila to deliver one letter from a vested party to a market vendor. No one it his right mind would think Toledo would do it for a song.Political forces in the next elections will have a very good issue on leadership failure against the solon on a very critical issue of splitting Quezon.It would be easy to say Alcala cannot make up his mind and decide when critical issues are on hand.Easy now to say Alcala wants a new kingdom as Talaga is.

By the time you’re reading this paper, it is possible that the results, province-wide are already known though proclamation may not be possible unless the Supreme court TRO is lifted.The people expected guide from their leader, in vain.People now perceive the representative as wanting a real creation of Quezon del Norte as he argued consistently during the campaign that he’s done with it.Unfortunately, assuming (from the word ass) in the unlikely event that the minisculed Quezon comes to place, there are other political jades difficult to bear with.Expectedly, Nantes and the Envergas would not allow themselves not to be the principal actors.

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