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Those are some of the most highly recommended gaming communities for 2019, both in general and potentially going forward.They show no signs of stopping and have a great positive vibe to all of them.They post news, opinions, and patch updates for all to see.Some of my favorite topics are the ones like “What game blew all expectations you had going into it?It’s stuff like this which makes you keep clicking through different topics and honestly makes you think about games differently.You’ll find yourself thinking more critically while playing and engaging with these users seems to be a real joy.There are thousands of topics to view, constantly being updated.It could lead you down different wormholes into different subreddits, allowing you to hone your interests more clearly and find others who feel the same.

More topics range from ‘when will the new next big MMORPG be released’ to ‘My mouse arm hurts! This eclectic mix of super helpful information and personal nuances makes this a community you don’t want to skip out on.

Being an amateur internet investigator myself, (okay, I primarily just end up watching creepy conspiracy videos on You Tube, but STILL), I was immediately drawn in by the passion that these gamers had.

I dove deep into this community, especially enjoying topics like someone trying to decode Morse code in the b.

Have you ever had a serious hardware issue, or need tips to get through a tough level in a game?

Chances are that there is a gaming community at your fingertips ready to help and give you tips.

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