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The jirga gradually lost its impact when the mullah became its leader.

Jirga has historically been a secular institution that believed in debate and equal representation.

Sitting at a hujra (a room to entertain guests in a household) in Swabi (where the traditional hujra is still intact in some shape) on a weekend, a middle-aged traditional Khan expressed his grief and anger over the cultural disequilibrium that has been shaping the Pashtun society for the last three decades.“I hear intellectuals, both Pashtuns and otherwise, heaping praise on the Pashtuns for breaking shackles of Khanism.

As a child I remember how a Saudi Arabia-returned would argue with the local people in the mosque to pray like the Saudis.

Saudi Arabia made sure that its vast sums of money donated for mosques and madrassas is inextricably linked to Wahabiism.

The arrival of the Wahabi mullah deprived the Pashtuns of their traditions.

Anything not conforming to Wahabiism was declared un-Islamic and had to be discarded.

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