Older women dating younger men in nigeria

“So, it is ideal to marry someone you are older than by some years so that, all things being equal, and at old age, you will died between very short period after each other, if possible together, ” she said.Other respondents told NAN that a woman marrying a man younger than her was an idea driven my modernity and not accepted to the African tradition.“Having a relationship with an older woman is simply the best thing that a younger, vibrant and ambitious man should consider.“An older women will give every support a young man needs in every regard, especially, emotional stability,” he said.Bunmi Adetoro, a model, said that it was disrespectful for a woman to marry somebody younger than her.She said that dating a younger man would only last for a while since the man would be expecting too much respect from the woman.“Can you imagine me getting married to someone I am older than by between two years and three years?

President Emmanuel Macron of France is 24 years younger than his wife, Brigitte Macron.

“There is no benefit that a younger man derives from marrying an older woman but the reverse is the case and this is a ritual and an abominable act.

“In perception, there is no difference between `blood money’ and the marriage of an older woman to a younger man,” he said.

Some respondents obliged to the norm and told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos on Monday that modernity and other factors had redefined their choices of suitable mates.

They also said that emotional maturity was a core virtue needed to sustain a relationship and older women possessed it.

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