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Ohio University was recognized by the new state on February 18, 1804, as its charter was certified by the General Assembly of the new state.

This last approval happened eleven months after Ohio was admitted to the Union. The first two bachelor's degrees were granted in 1815.

The building features Federal architecture and large windows that admit a great deal of natural light and afford expansive views of campus.

In contrast to the exterior's red brick and white columns, the interior has a more contemporary style with high domed ceilings, ergonomic furniture and a color scheme of sage, plum and mocha.

The 20th century saw dramatic growth in student enrollment, academic offerings, and research facilities.

Between 19, undergraduate enrollment tripled (from 7,000 to 20,000).

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The newer College Gate, built in the 1960s, features words taken from the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 regarding public education and its founding as one of America's first public universities.Terrazzo mosaics of aspects of the earth's globe are embedded in the Grand Atrium of the main entrance to the building, which features a rotunda with curved walls, wood monumental staircase and large free-form chandelier.An unusual acoustical quality of the building is the fact that any individual standing at the exact center of the inlaid arrow on the floor of the entering rotunda and facing its entrance, speaking or even whispering, produces a unique reverberating echo similar to the effect created at the center of the United States Capitol Rotunda in Washington, D. Another unique feature is the fountain escalator system, the only operating escalator in southeast Ohio, intersecting the huge atrium and connecting College Green and West Green.The bronze university seal, embedded at the college gate, maintains the tradition that freshman must avoid stepping upon it or risk bad fortune.The nearby chimes and bells from the Cutler bell-tower's cupola ring out on the hour and sound the university Alma Mater at noon, which can be heard throughout the surrounding town and valley, as they have since 1820.

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