Octagon girls dating fighters

The two are still going strong now and have a baby boy named Sol.There are massive differences between violence and love but as we all know, it always went together and it always will.During that specific time, the private life of Ortiz was in as much chaos as his glorious fights were inside the Octagon.He was constantly arguing with his former girlfriend, famous porn star Jenna Jameson, and the two parted ways shortly.A fighter can get infections from cuts or a concussion though. If the question is directed toward music selection, given that Drowning Pool is a heavy metal band, then music's usefulness to UFC fighters should be left up to others to decide, a la promoters. The most popular organization that allowed women to fight was the Elite XC.Both Pride and UFC are MMA promotions that organize events where fighters fight one another in MMA bouts. Unfortunately the Elite XC has gone out of business and there are no televised events with women fighters.

As long as this unique combination exists naturally, there were rumors about fighters capturing hearts of lovely UFC ring girls.These heavenly bodies are what makes the UFC events go round.From standing in the background during the weigh-ins to parading the round number during actual fights, these gorgeous babes are a fixture in any UFC event.Well, if you too are seeking an answer to the last question then you’ve come to the right place.When you put testosterone-fueled fighters and some of the most gorgeous women on Earth in the same place romantic interactions are bound to happen.

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