Occult dating Portland sex dating personals

I'm very open minded about who I would like to spend my days with but she should be nature-loving, loyal, fierce and willing to plan a life off-grid (I'm not in the city by will).

), also termed Pagan Witchcraft, is a modern Pagan religion.

So far), welding instructor, sculptor, teacher of green woodworking and forest school (leader level 3).

While duotheism or bitheism is traditional in Wicca, broader Wiccan beliefs range from polytheism to pantheism or monism, even to Goddess monotheism.

Wiccan celebrations encompass both the cycles of the Moon, known as Esbats and commonly associated with the Goddess (female deity), and the cycles of the Sun, seasonally based festivals known as Sabbats and commonly associated with the Horned God (male deity).

Some traditions, collectively referred to as British Traditional Wicca, strictly follow the initiatory lineage of Gardner and consider the term Wicca to apply only to similar traditions, but not to newer, eclectic traditions.

Wicca is typically duotheistic, worshipping a Goddess and a God.

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