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In this case, they have used watching porn as a way of humiliating their victims. If they have listed one of your passwords within their email, it is likely that they’re using this as an attempt to make you feel like they have evidence against you.Surely if someone did have a video recording of you, they would send it to you as this would be proof. Unfortunately there are lots of people who feel so threatened that they pay the money.

After that my malvware collected all your messengers, emails and social networks contacts. i just created an double screen video (the first part is your screen record, the second part is the recording of your camera (yes, record of yourself while watching the porn video, i must admit you have a nice taste 🙂 ) I guess isnt good news, right?

I have placed a Marlware on an adult website (…P…0…r…n site) and as you visited and watched the video your device has been affected, placing a spyware on your machine.

Which has recorded you both with webcam and screen capture while you had your “fun Time” allowing me to see exactly what you see.

If you receive an email similar to the below please be aware this is a scam!

Subject: YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF You received this message because someone requested an email subscription to a Feed Burner feed.

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