Nicaragua dating customs

For example, if you are a teacher (boring), state that you are a superintendent of schools or that you work for a company that develops literacy software for inner city schools and private universities, etc.

If your real job is boring then you must invent a new exciting fake job.

This is especially true if you keep it on the down low by avoiding public displays of affection.

Many older traveling men are operating out of a paradigm of frugality and for this I especially recommend Nicaragua.

So if you are looking for that kinda’ shit I suggest you look elsewhere. They are a poor people but they are not dumb and they refuse to allow Nicaragua to become another Costa Rica (Nicas and Ticos hate each other).

This method gives you a second chance at bat (should you need it). In two months the company I work for is sending me to Nicaragua for two years. Two that translate from English to Spanish (I’ll call these two windows E-S #1 and E-S#2) and two that translate back from Spanish into English (I’ll call these two windows S-E #1 and S-E #2).

Okay, so here is an example of something my conservative character might write on LAC regardless of how long I intend to stay in Nicaragua (mixed in are some Spanish examples of Nicaraguan lingo and slang): Hola, que pase buen dia! I am in the business of computers and electronic gaming. On the weekends I like going dancing, to the beach, and to church. First, write what you want to say in English in the E-S #1 window and translate it into Spanish.

Then you will need three professional quality photographs that fully reveal your vibe but NOT your identity. In addition, the photos should make you look no more than three years younger than you really are because you don’t want to shock a girl with your appearance on the first meet and greet. You want one shot of you in a suit and tie in a five-star environment, one shot of you at your “fake” job (more about this below) and one of you doing something dangerous or exciting like rock climbing, surfing, snowboarding, or flying a plane.

Getting the right photos for LAC can be tricky and time consuming because if the shot is too far away the site will reject it, but if it’s too close someone who knows you could ID you. Don’t forget to compress the files or the photos won’t post.

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