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However, when I created a custom validation control and set the control to validate as my checkbox list, I got the same exception again - a checkbox list cannot be the control to validate, even for a custom validation control.So I decided to use a dummy control as the control to validate. One last problem I had when developing this solution: When I only had the server-side validation method, things didn't work well, I could not see the error message and the operation wasn't stopped. After I added the javascript client-side validation function, everything worked just fine. In such situations you should validate check box-selections before submitting the form.Use following multiple check box selection example to study the in Java Script. First you have to select at least 3 mobile phone manufactures from first check box group.

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I sent the textbox as the control to validate, and then got the ID of my "real" control to validate from the value that was sent to the validation function, and used it to find my checkbox list and perform the validation checks. The problem was that I needed a way to know which control to validate. Error Message = "You must select at least one value! Server Validate = new Server Validate Event Handler(Validate Checkbox); val Check. These checkbox lists are created dynamically at runtime. Add(txt Dummy); // add custom validation control Custom Validator val Check = new Custom Validator(); val Check. It turned out that the validation does not work for Checkbox List.I found the following article about it: claims that there are 3 possible solutions: implement the validation not using the validation controls, use custom validation controls and write the validation methods, or create a custom control that does the validation the same way as the validation controls provided by the ASP. Since the third option is out of my scope for this project, I chose the second option, using the custom validation control.

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