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I am currently making my mind to get back to Nepal not because I failed to get a place but I am fed up with people around. Find the balance between being a giver and a taker.

I am also in Australia and let me tell you this, noone is gonna do jack shit for you unless it benefits them somehow. Sounds selfish but I always think of something my friend says -“bhagwan sabkaa bhalaa karey magar shuru mujhse karey” 😂1 maina dekhi euta kt sanga boli raxu.

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I just used to see her and come to my bathroom and take out my dick out and play with it thinking of her and just waste my juices in the floor.

I never got much time to spend with her as she used to be busy in her household but later when my 12th standard board exams was ended she asked to help her in her Bachelor exam as she was a government student and arts(health) was not a great thing for me so I said I would assist her and was very happy inside thinking now I will get more time to spend with her and used to go her house regularly I used to go even in the previous days but to meet my cousins now I used to go for her and first few days passed normal but later I could see herself putting a lot of notice in me she complemented me about my body and the dresses I wore….

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She was making a loud moans ahhhhh…eeehhhhhh…ahhhh…yessss….sounds were getting louder I was going fast and fast I was afraid whether my cousins may know so kept my hands on her mouth and my dirty aunt she started biting and sucking my fingers.

I really liked that scene and I was sucking her boobs and fucking her harder and harder and by now I had already let my full 7 inch dick inside now she was making too big noise ahhhhh..ahhhhaaa..ehhhh…ahhhhh it hurts do it slowly don’t hurry I am all yours…but I didn’t listen to her and fucked her as fast as I could for around 20-25 minutes and again I felt I was to cum I told her and she asked me to cum inside her…and I just released my juices to cool her pussy and lied their beside her in my arms…she was putting her hands inside her pussy and licking my juices.

Hi nepali sex stories lover, I am robin([email protected]) it’s my first story over to nepali sex stories…however I have been a regular reader of every story of nepali sex story from about 1-2 years back…At first I always think all these sex stories here are false or all these things just happen in India…but I never knew my this thinking is to change someday…So before getting in to the story let me introduce myself to all you friends over there in Nepal or other different countries…I am a simple guy from a well reputated society and family from the capital city of Nepal Kathmandu specially nepali friend …I am currently 19 years old with my throbbing 7 inch hard dick and always best dressed strong and well shaped body kathmandu Nepal Actually i used to wonder if these insect does even happen here in Nepal but we don’t have well recognized website to share our experience I guess nepali sex stories are thousands and millions of fan here in Nepal of ISS and incest stories…no one expose their inner feelings…..

However now let me get me in to the real story…friends as by now u know I am from Nepal here most of the ladies not particularly ladies but women take bath in the terrace or in simple at the top of the house…as I said I am guy from a quiet wealthy family our house is 4 story which is among the tallest house over here….this was the best thing that ever could happen to me I used to go to the top and stare at women’s getting bath…and in the right side of our house I had my uncles house who was married to a beautiful aunty my aunt is now 32 with two kids though she was of 32 I don’t know why may be because of reading the insect stories in this site or because of her those big so tight boobs that I knew after I felt them and her those big ass that used to move like heaven while she used to walk I don’t know when I got attracted to stories build up like this.

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