Munro chambers and aislinn paul dating 2016

The ninja charged me and I punched her in the face. Then I kicked JEC off my sister, who then pinned him down.

I rolled up the sleeves of his suit and shirt, exposing his bare forearm.

They see no signs of life outside their high school’s front doors.

I immediately recognized two of them: Munro, and James Edward Campbell. JEC was the one who had knocked down my sister, and decided to start taunting us. Pointing toward the ninja I said, “Or I’m gonna break her nose, I’m gonna break his (JEC’s) arms, and I’m gonna break your legs.” Munro and JEC laughed and as they did that I elbowed Munro in the face, then did one of those fancy karate kicks on his leg that snapped his leg in two.In Degrassi, Yes, they were at one time, but on the last episode of the boiling point Clare says she can't be with him if he keeps up violent revenge.In real life, No, Aislinn said herself Munro is more…We eventually got outside and realized we were in the parking lot of a shopping center.My car was right out front of the building we came from, so I jumped in and started to drive off.

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