Ms sql updating one table from another

If these are Foreign keys connecting these tables together, you need to export the data in the correct order, otherwise the export wizard will fail.

Using Generate Scripts SQL Server provides another way to generate script for the SQL Server databases with its objects and data.

If any of the tables contains an Identity column, the new column in the destination table will inherit the Identity property without the need to turn on the Identity_Insert.

Using the Apex SQL Diff and Apex SQL Data Diff combination Apex SQL Diff is a useful SQL tool that can be used to find the differences between the databases from schema side and generate synchronization script to create these tables in the destination database in the correct order.

Database1 (Test1) is the latest, and database2 (Test2) is an old copy of the database.

I need to update the table in Test1 from the same table in Test2 for a particular column called Dept ID, because the values in the Employee table in the Test2 DB (the old one) have been updated.

In our example, to copy the The columns in destination tables are created in the order specified in the select statement.

All these columns have the exact name, data type, nullability property, and column value as in the source table.

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