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Therefore, I think that the metaphor that best describes Christian relationships is indeed a familial metaphor, but the spouse isn’t the source (or ideal) for that metaphor.

It is important to know what a Christian marriage should look like, and CBE is clear that mutuality is the governing principle as taught by Eph. But for other relationships in the church, Christians should treat one another as siblings in Christ—caring for each other’s needs and loving them because they are bound by adoption to a common family.

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Duration of a marriage is linked to the woman's age at her first marriage; the older a woman is at the first marriage, the longer that marriage is likely to last.Consider that these singles are probably the most mobile and available "workers" in the church, with the biggest ministry potential.Singles are the ones that can donate more of their time and money to church ministries. Paul was aware of such wisdom as well: An unmarried man is concerned about the Lord’s affairs—how he can please the Lord.But leadership and marriage are two of the highest ideals in Christian culture, right? As we live as Christians, what is the normative metaphor for relationships between men and women?Growing up in the church and then attending a Christian college taught me that marriage is a Christian “virtue.” The vast majority of my peers desired to be married and would date according to the various trends for Christian dating.

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