Message boards dating without drama

HOWEVER- lots of viewers never bought this storyline and all this false drama and fallout that has played out for some time now. It would be interesting to see April go to court and be prosecuted by Christine. Ultimately April is unhinged and relapses to drugs and alcoholism and insanity and that is how we learn she has been a victim of domestic abuse which caused her to drive erratic that night.When all this comes to light- Adam is exonerated and only guilty of covering up something the accident which he actually never did.As you can imagine she initially agreed and now does not want to go.

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The writers had no trouble showing the raunchy on screen scenes between Bonnie and Jeremy and Bonnie and Enzo.Since this storyline is going to come up AGAIN ad nauseum, how about a little more creativity?Many viewers remember vividly that there was a scene of a blonde haired woman (the back of her head) who was driving an SUV on a woodland road.However, when it came to developing a BM/WF relationship between Jesse and Caroline, the relationship ends before it really begins as Jesse is killed after he barely kissed Caroline all but one time!These white male writers throw this in our face and think people won't notice.

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