Men dating a virgin

Waiting for marriage can absolutely make the first time with your partner an amazing and wonderful experience, but those who don't wait can have just as amazing experiences.

I don't think sex should get shamed, whether your choose to wait or not.

I'm no narcissist, I know the world doesn't owe me anything like a mate, but I cannot tell you how discouraging being a single Christian is.

But hey, we are called to praise in feast and famine.

Like what I_am_not_Jake says, "If a man makes you feel less than that because of sex.

He may not be the man of God you are looking for." Seriously, that man is NOT the man you want in your life if the relationship becomes only about the 4%, which sex only represents, when it comes to having intimacy.

I'm sure there are many like me, but I have recently turned 21 and I have never been in a relationship with a girl during my time in University.

The sex, or lack thereof matter less and less everyday. I often time see and hear someone asking about this topic being raised on this subreddit and I just want to give a reminder to those who are debating back and forth and believe that there isn't a guy who is willing to wait.Dating this woman that I love has been a challenge.. Now, I don't push the issue, my mamma raised me better than that, so that leaves me with cold showers and day dreams.but I am not writing this to explain my frustration, because in all honesty its not that bad.I am a christian as of about 6 years ago and I can honestly say that I tried to wait and hold off until marriage but I gave smoking or even eating a potato chip, once you pop its hard to stop.

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