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If the church already has a great floor with a vivid design, it is important that you do not overdo on your aisle decorations.Otherwise it will clash with the floor and might create a garish look. If left alone it may look nice and bright on a Sunday church service but a little bland for a wedding.By adding layers and layers of white flowers, the whole look is completed. You can even play around with the seasons and use it as a theme for decorating the church.Fall and winter themes have very rich color palettes to work on.Here, the candles are the highlight of the pew decorations.When lighted, the candles reflect the lights on clear surfaces creating a soft, dreamy atmosphere for the whole church.The key is to work with what you already have which is the church and then embellish on that.

What may not work so well for dark-colored pews will look lovely on lighter colored pews.In order not to steal the spotlight from the lovely wood floor, keep your aisle decorations small and simple.Scatter some light colored rose petals on the floor also to highlight its richness and beauty.Here are some of the most creative church wedding decoration ideas for you to pick up on: Church weddings can be very dramatic in spite of the fact that churches are not built to look lovely and quaint. You just have to look at the church and see what complements well with it.The high wooden ceiling has a rustic vintage feel to it.

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