Legally validating a debt

Keep this and copies of everything else you’ve sent and received in case you do need to report the debt collection agency to the proper regulators.

The debt collector has 30 days to respond to your request.

If you do, you could inadvertently reset the statute of limitations on the debt.

Depending on how close it is to expiring, you may add years back to the length of time the debt collector can sue you for your debt.

This is the credit card company, the doctor’s office, or the landlord who is trying to collect on a bill.

When the original creditor gets tired of trying to collect the money, they sell the debt to the second party in the process: the debt collector.

If you received a letter in the mail, you can include the date it was postmarked.

Next, simply state your request that the collector validates the debt.

As soon as you hear from the debt collector for the first time, you must submit your debt validation letter within 30 days.These are companies like Experian, Equifax, and Transunion.Any party, an original creditor or a debt collector, can report a missed payment or other negative financial information to a credit bureau.Debt collectors specialize in collecting debts – they call and send letters demanding payment.The third party is the credit bureau or the consumer reporting agency.

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