Learning styles diverging assimilating converging accommodating

Practical learning is more effective for them rather than lecture or merely reading books.They are fond of asking what if and why not so that they can find support for their action-first approach.

As Philip Race (n.d.) said, learning is not limited to students.The understanding that the individual generates from the results of the action will then give him an idea on how to react on a specific situation.(Smith, 1996)It will produce inkling in the individual to take the action to an active test (doing).In illustration, it may start with the individual’s acquisition of concrete or immediate experiences (feeling) which will later on provide basis for reflections and observations (watching) or the undertaking of a certain action and waiting for the effect of this act (Business balls, n.d.).The effect/s of these acts in turn are processed to become abstract concepts (thinking) giving the individual an avenue for the individual to understand the act’s effects.

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