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Almost all the women had experienced brief flings and simultaneous relationships with more tahn one partner.

Ten (23%) were married and five more were in long-term relationships they considered "satisfying" (total, 34%).

All considered the name-calling unfair, though many believed the accusations were true.

Almost all the women eventually accepted themselves as highly sexual.

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The traditional rule of sexual conduct has been chastity outside of marriage, faithfulness within —- for both sexes.

Thirty-five of the 44 (80%) said that on balance, the life impact of being highly sexual was more positive than negative. The results are inevitable and obvious: abandoned women and fatherless children who are a financial burden on innocent third parties.

In America, men have permission to be highly sexual. Accordingly, promiscuous men have traditionally been regarded as dissolute, dangerous, and dishonorable -- just as they are today.

As you say, men don't have cultural permission to be as sexual as they'd like, or to cheat on their wives, etc.

But men have more cultural permission to be more sexual than women.

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