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I am afraid he will wake my Mom" "Please don't go away", - once again I said, "Hurry Back". She typed "he won't leave me alone when my panties are off". Now as I grasped his fur he laid on his side and I began to massage it as I sat with my legs wide open near his head. The comments, video files, stories and pictures are property of their respective authors, all the rest 2005-2006 Zoophilia Story. Zoophilia Story takes no responsibilty for the imaginations and literary creations of authors who post their stories here.

But I have to be careful because he scratches me and I am afraid somebody will ask how I got the scratches around my waist when I am in gym shower".

She was responding, and was chatting in such naive way, but it was so genuine and she was turned on as I spread here young legs and placed my hardened tongue into her sweet dripping furry slit. "I was soo ready, but I stopped, because I wanted to know what else Buddy did. Hold on a second."After a bit - seemed like eternity as I climaxed again and nearly squirted my juices from my drenched panting pussy.

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If you have questions or concerns there are many experienced zoos there that can help. Most of the first batch of users were refugees from motherless.

One night I was in the Lesbian chatroom of a popular chat sited and begin talking with a young lady who claimed to be in College. That night as I chatted with her she seemed to be afraid that her Mom would catch her doing the cyber. " After a long pause she typed: "its okay I don't care I want him in me now. I was thinking of my German Shepherd male "Macho" in the mud room.

She was a girl who liked to fantasize about being with a girl friend and had at least at one time fingered a girl friend. As we typed-chatted, I began taking the lead and kissing her and touching her young breasts. Instantly I was totally aroused and slick juices were all around my inserted 3 fingers. "Instantly she said, "Buddy is licking me noww oohhhhh! I am on my hands and knees keyboard on the chair and he is licking me. Then she typed: "Buddy is on me..trying to get the tip of it into me.

His tail raised and he tried to stand up as his tongue lashed out at my dripping open pussy. His cock was out a couple of inches and it was squirting tiny squirts of light liquid.

My grasp on his cock tightened and as I stroked it through his fur the tip protruded. I rolled onto my back and spread my legs wide apart as one hand guided his head and scratched it... He was squirting bigger streams now with each stroke the cock hardened and came out more.

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