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After a month or so of going back and forth, Robert was asked to produce oil-change receipts.“He told them most of the oil changes were done by him,” Faith said.Newer cars might even have an oil change light on the dashboard to take out the guessing work.Once you do change your oil, Fix says to opt for the synthetic variety—like this—because it's a better lubricant.It costs more, but mechanics know you'll get more miles between changes.Over time, the chemical structures in the oil break down and make it a less effective lubricant, according to Mc Kenzie.And the oil is there to reduce friction, which causes heat.So if you leave your oil unchanged long enough, you're asking for trouble and a hot engine.

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One of the 7 ways you're wasting money on your car is assuming all vehicles are created equal.

"But thanks to improvements in modern engines and modern oils, most cars can comfortably drive at least 5,000 miles or even up to 10,000 miles on the same oil."like this—because it's a better lubricant.

It costs more, but mechanics know you'll get more miles between changes." data-reactid="22"For people who aren't keeping track of their mileage, another way to know it's time to change your oil is looking at the dipstick.

When it's dark, it's time to change the oil, according to Mc Kenzie.

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