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Full name: Danneel Ackles (born Elta Danneel Graul, she went by Danneel Harris professionally until after her marriage to Jensen) Born: March 18, 1979, in Lafayette, Louisiana Spouse: Jensen Ackles Danneel Harris was born and raised in Louisiana before moving to Los Angeles to study acting.

Danneel co-starred with Jensen in Ten Inch Hero which they filmed in 2006.

In fact, take a moment to treat your self by Googling the keywords “strange Misha Collins pictures.” You won’t be disappointed.

Another word that’s frequently used to describe the actor is "unconventional." Case in point, years ago, Collins and his wife renewed their wedding vows in a grocery store aisle.

There has been some speculation that perhaps Ackles would have worked something out if he were offered the role of Captain America, but Hawkeye was maybe too small of a role to give up a leading part in a popular show.

Collins was signed on for just three episodes, but the cast and crew liked him enough to bring him back for a few more and a few more after that until they signed him on as a series regular.

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