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Unlike Jared, who is seen in numerous photo ops with his father-in-law, President Trump, Joshua stays out of the spotlight despite the fact that he’s dating supermodel Karlie Kloss.Joshua and Karlie never talk about their relationship publicly, but they did post on Instagram about their five year anniversary this year.But it’s well known that he did not vote for Trump and is a lifelong Democrat.Josh was spotted at the 2017 Women’s March, and he once donated ,000 to the March for our Lives demonstration to end gun violence.

He took a plea agreement and was sentenced to two years in federal prison, and Jared and Joshua both stayed close with him while he was incarcerated. In this family, it appears that blood trumps political differences.Allen has a lot of a love and affection for his mullet. Read Full Story Nobody doubts Jared Allen's ferocity on the field, where the Baltimore Raven's defensive end is known for crushing quarterbacks.Back in a 2009 interview, he said: "The mullet isn't just a hairdo. Not surprisingly, that intensity is present off the field too.Body build Not Known, Eye color Brown – Dark & Hair color Brown – Dark.Jared Scot Allen (born April 3, 1982) is an American football defensive end for the Chicago Bears of the National Football League (NFL).

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