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You can read more of his work at: Disclaimer: “Usagi Cafe Ohisama – Super Kawaii Rabbit Cafe in Tokyo” is a guest post and any information and opinion is provided by Matthew.Therefore Zooming Japan doesn’t take any responsibility for the content.The endlessly entertaining nation is responsible for some of the most interesting trends ever created, from highly-stylized , to used underwear vending machines. in Sendai, Japan were given the opportunity to share time, as well as some food and drink, with vocaloid megastar Hatsune Miku.Using a collection of smartphones preloaded with an updated iteration of the AR program Customers were also treated to a variety of Hatsune Miku-themed food and drinks from the 700 yen (.34 USD) Miku Summer Tropical Soda and 650 yen (.88) Miku Latte, to the 800 yen (.20) roll cake or 900 yen (.15) Mike Sandwich.

How could you not have fun dressing up a rabbit in a kimono?

At Usagi Cafe Ohisama you can select a rabbit or two from their little homes, then you can take them to your table, some comfy sofas, or just feed them on tatami mats.

I* have been to a few cat cafes and theme cafes, but the rabbit cafe was the best. There are plenty of clothes to try out and even rabbit themed meals.

The ‘women’s only’ loo, however, comes with its own set of drawbacks.

It is said that some patrons end up spending way more time in the aquarium toilet while others refuse to enter the premise and find it rather daunting to do the task with hundreds of sea creatures (including a male turtle) gazing at them!

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