Islam and dating by abdul malik

In his spring 2015 season, Abu averaged 6.4 points and 4.7 rebounds per game, and practices at a high standard, despite being a devout Muslim and praying multiple times a day. Like many celebrities and famous people, Abdul-Malik keeps his personal and love life private.

He attended Marblehead High School before switching over to Kimball Union Academy in New Hampshire. Check back often as we will continue to update this page with new relationship details.

Prophet never touch a woman even in critical moments like membai'at and others.From Ibn Abbas RA said: I heard the Messenger of Allah SAW said: "Let not a man two-pair (Khalwat) with a woman except with mahram." (Narrated by Bukhari 9 / 330, Muslim 1341).From Jabir ibn Samurah said: Rasulullah SAW said: "No one of you two-pair with a woman, because the devil will be the third." (Narrated by Ahmad, 1 / 18, Tirmidhi, 3 / 374 with Saheeh isnaad , see Takhrij Misykah 3188).His answer: If the relationship before the marriage ceremony, both have an application or not, it is haraam, because it should not be someone to have fun with strange women (non-mahram) either through words, looks, or two-pair.As has been thabit from the Prophet SAW, that he said: "Let not a man two-pair with a woman except with mahram, and let not a woman travel except with her mahram." (Fatwas Muhammad Al-Islamiyah collection Musnid 3 / 80).

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