Iphone play count not updating itunes

Just pray that Airplay 2 comes soon and is available for Play:1 without additional hardware.Ratings and playcounts are an important way to keep track of your favorite and not-so-favoirte songs.Click it to open the menu, and then select Auto-Recover All Ratings and Play Counts.

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After your device is connected, i Explorer will display its Device Overview screen.

After upgrading to i Tunes 11, however, some users are finding that these statistics are not being updated, and songs can be played numerous times with no change to the dates and counts listed in the library.

This problem has not happened with everyone who has upgraded i Tunes, and after users investigated this issue in a rather lengthy Apple Discussion thread, they found that this issue is linked to the use of the i Tunes crossfade function.

Every version of i Tunes seems affected, although version 10.x seems worse than others.

It can happen on any model i Pod, although Nanos and Touches seem to be the most affected.

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