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She says the former congressional candidate threatened to use his power to destroy her. The order says Gill cannot contact her, must avoid her home and workplace, undergo a certified batterers’ intervention program and not own any firearms.Gill hosts a WLAC radio show, owns a consulting firm and co-founded a right-wing website.

Towards the end of my showbiz career, post Anita Hill, I stopped hiring female secretaries simply because I didn’t want to be walking on eggshells.How many men do you think are afraid of their wives?If “afraid” is too strong a word, how many men believe they must walk on eggshells in their wife’s presence?~~ She controls all the purse strings and when you want something, you dread asking for it. Ladies, do you recognize your man in the above list?We’ve been living through a very feminized time in human history.

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