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Because sometimes amazing things come to us in unexpected ways.

And don’t be surprised if you find them dressed in suits and sitting on church pews. I did find a few foxes and snakes before I met my monkey (yes, I call him’s cute). And now my poor guy is stuck watching more HGTV and eating more sushi than he’d ever imagined. But don’t give up on the former because of the latter.

So the odds of finding them online are better than good. I suppose I thought the right one would just appear one day, like a pimple on prom day. And those are the fun little facts you won’t find on a lady’s profile. Because people can be cruel, deceptive, malicious, and more. Initially, trying to find love online was like my mother’s attempts at baking — a perpetual disaster (sorry Mom). And just before I gave up and tossed my profile out the proverbial window, I found someone who made it all worthwhile.

Brian Donovan, a writer and comedian whose work has appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, NPR, and Chapelle's Show, has been on over 100 Internet dates in a genuine search for love and happiness.

Oh, I thought there were pretty funny moments in this book....this book was meant to be funny, but for me it was a book of horror.

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