Importance eye contact dating

This usually is a result of how they make eye contact.To build attraction eye contact needs to show more than confidence.Their eyes will likely dart around the room as a means of “hiding”.But when someone feels confident, maintaining eye contact comes easily.You see, your eye contact reflects your level of interest, and interest becomes more valuable the more she has to work for it.So if you’re at a bar and just started talking to a girl you don’t know, then you want to make eye contact about 50% of the time.Eye contact is an incredibly strong indicator of confidence.When someone feels insecure they will have a hard time maintaining eye contact.

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When you’re done laughing, notice how your eyes feel and take a look at them in a mirror.So when you’re talking to a woman, keep a steady gaze.When you look away to do so with purpose and intention and avoid nervous darting.😉 Emily Brooks is a relationship expert with many years of experience dating in her 30's and 40's.She has dated both younger and older men extensively and loves being able to help connect singles and form exciting new relationships.

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