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Restriction enzymes cut the DNA in a staggered pattern, producing sticky ends to which other DNA molecules which have been cut with the same restriction enzyme can bind.

Recombinant DNA When DNA is spliced into a vector, the newly-formed product is known as recombinant DNA.

The nucleus was removed from each egg, which were then fused with the donor cells using electricity.

In the procedure, DNA Polymerase uses nucleotides and primers to replicate a small sequence of DNA so that it is visible when comparing DNA obtained from a crime scene with samples. Denaturation - breaks Hydrogren bonds, splits them with heat 2. Extension - DNA Polymerase adds nucleotides to the DNA sequence 4.First, the actual egg cell of an animal is removed to be fertilized in a petri dish.In the dish, the zona pellucida is a chemical coating that promotes cell division.Use of Reverse Transcriptase in Biotechnology In the biological world, reverse transcriptase is an enzyme used mostly by viruses to convert single-stranded RNA molecules into double-stranded DNA molecules.In terms of biotechnology, reverse transcriptase is utilized in reverse transcription PCR.

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