I hate playing dating games

“I hope you have a good time.”Let's not kid ourselves; women everywhere who play games have ruined this phrase for men.

Through their immature “womanly ways,” they've turned playing games into a sick art form that, for some reason, they're proud of.

But there are plenty of girls out there who do not play games.

Equally important: She also won't try to make you feel guilty for things she's not even that upset about.

They aren't "fine" when they literally say the exact opposite, and B. Likewise, when she tells you to “have fun” during a night out with the guys, she literally wants you to enjoy spending time with them.

You'll actually be pleasantly surprised to know that not only does she not believe in saying things she doesn't mean, she despises women who think doing so is OK.

To everyone struggling with dating: quit worrying about shit you cannot control.

I'm starting to figure out why dating isn't working for OP based on her responses.

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