Hirsute dating

Finally, there comes a book that understands your aesthetic.Hairy Hunks: A Celebration of Shaggy Stallions released by Abrams this month, honors the hirsute male in all his many splendors, from moustaches to body hair to beards.Also, I am still gutted that Tom Selleck is a spokesperson for the NRA—I like my men hairy but unarmed.”As for current crushes, she likes a clean-shaven George Clooney, but with a giant beard (and a potbelly to match) in Syriana. Porter also upholds Nicolas Cage for his fearless facial-hair philosophy.“I think he represents the mild eccentricity that a lot of us associate with piliferous men,” Porter says.“I guess my major adolescent crush was on Kurt Cobain,” she says.

“The Crüe have been through artistic difficulties, addictions, and woman trouble, but the one habit they couldn't kick was hairspray,” Porter says.Can we not be excused a certain superstitious faith in a creature who will prove the solution to our relentless yearnings?” So it is that author and consultant Amy Webb defines the romantic search described in her memoir Data: A Love Story as a quest not for just a life partner … At the start of her tale, Webb’s writing career as a journalist for Newsweek has brought success, adventure and international travel, but no real romantic prospects for the long term.Writer Lucy Porter isn’t afraid to be a teeny bit highbrow with her shaggy heartthrobs either, quoting, “He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man.” ( Much Ado About Nothing).Porter came of age during the Miami Vice-led stubble fad of the ‘80s, and an affection for the furry man never really faded for the British standup comedian.

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