Giulietta cam

Power was reported to be 220 bhp (223 PS; 164 k W). Twin Spark versions of the Twin Cam were also developed for 17 models used for racing.In 1979 the Alfa Romeo GTV Turbodelta was released. In 1987 the production Alfa 75 2.0 Twin Spark was fitted with a Twin Spark head, which provided improved fuel ignition and allowed an improved combustion chamber shape with narrower angle between intake and exhaust valve.I agreed to help the chair of the Italian Department at St.Mary’s College in Moraga Ca get some cars together for a car show to promote awareness of Italian culture.

The engine displaced 1,290 cc (1.3 L) in the 1954 Giulietta.The 1952 Disco Volante had a 2 litre DOHC four cylinder engine with an aluminium block and sleeves, but this seems to have been a custom version of the 1900 engine rather than a prototype of the forthcoming Twin Cam.While the Twin Cam shared some features with the 1900 engine, it was a new design by Giuseppe Busso.Drop me a line if you’re interested in bringing a car!severamente vietato registrare, pubblicare, editare, commercializzare, diffondere, trasmettere in alcun modo e sotto qualsiasi forma, noleggiare e prestare, eseguire pubblicamente, utilizzare in qualsiasi modo foto, video, videochiamate ottenute tramite il presente sito.

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