Gay motorcycle dating

Watch – Original Pride: The Satyrs Motorcycle Club below and learn more.

This is the place for all the M/M books featuring, not casual bikers, but bikers in an actual MC.

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As their model spread in the 1970’s, motorcycle clubs as far away as New York City began asking for founding help from the Satyrs.Secrecy was a detrimental to the club in the highly repressive 1950’s.From the first club founding in 1954 until the mid-1980s, gay motorcycle clubs did not want to be mentioned in any gay publication, because it might result in the outing—and firing—of members who worked for the government.The founders of the Satyrs started a phenomenon of gay motorcycle clubs that by 1979 had grown to over twenty clubs in California and many more throughout the country.Like other clubs, gay motorcycle clubs donated money and put on events to benefit the community.

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