Gay dating affiliate program

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We work with partners in order to provide a large scale increment (growth) in current value of their existing site by installing and integrating a new service, dating service.

As soon as the integration completed you will be able to provide this new service to all your visitors and customers.

Some of our affiliate partners earn tens of thousands of dollars on a monthly basis.

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Strategic partners DKD company is seeking strategic partners in countries all over the world who would be willing to translate our software to the local language and get full reseller's rights to provide local dating service on a co-branded basis.

Consumers wanted to be able to shop at their leisure, from within their homes. There was a demand for singles to meet other singles; dating sites were created to answer that need.

Since we all need love, or a companion, or just someone to hang out with on Friday nights, we now have dating sites that cater to each and every person.

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