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Unfortunately, that game can get kind of stale and we were looking for something fresh to play. The best part is watching people try to figure out what is drawn or how on earth to draw the item.” Many more also compare this to the popular card game Cards Against Humanity, like one who even says it might be better, since, “This game made me laugh even harder than Cards Against Humanity ever has.” As this reviewer concludes, “This game is hilarious.

I own a few themed Monopoly’s and this is my favorite.” Another customer also think this is her new favorite game, explaining, “The chance cards are as ruthless and savage as the journey the style, it can be pretty ruthless so the game will not go on forever.” Many more customers mention there are some key differences between this and the original Monopoly, like one who says that there’s, “No community chest, just all chance cards and some are secret cards — quite evil I might add (steal an entire set from an opponent including castles, make an opponent pay rent on all three properties in the set including castles if any). Currency are only two types of coins representing one or five (silver and gold).” But they admit these changes make it “true People love this game because it’s got the best of all the drinking games on one board.

Dozens more call this a quick game to play, including one who notes, “It is an engaging game that lasts a short time and the visual design is beautiful.

It has become one of our family favorites, great for those cold winter evenings around the fireplace.” Another thinks that at first he didn’t love it, “But after a few rounds, it becomes very addictive,” adding, “Now we play game after game. Still, the games are fairly quick, so you can rotate or even play as teams if you have a larger family.” And as this reviewer concludes, “My family plays a lot of board games.

There aren’t many questions about these shows and watching them sucks the smarts right outta ya.” One describes this game as “kind of like Trivial Pursuit, but there are different types of questions, which use different types of knowledge/intelligence to figure out.

It’s not just about knowing facts (though that’s the biggest part of it).” Many more reviewers admit that while they love board games, trivia games often get boring, but this one was enjoyable.

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