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Eventually, as the number of epic hacks increased, we started to lean on a curious psychological crutch: the notion of the "strong" password. So they've settled on the strong password as the cure.

It's the compromise that growing web companies came up with to keep people signing up and entrusting data to their sites. Make it long enough, throw in some caps and numbers, tack on an exclamation point, and everything will be fine. In the age of the algorithm, when our laptops pack more processing power than a high-end workstation did a decade ago, cracking a long password with brute force computation takes just a few million extra cycles.

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At times when the Greeks looked too formidable, the watchword allowed their opponents to pose as allies.Our passwords were limited to a handful of applications: an ISP for email and maybe an ecommerce site or two.Because almost no personal information was in the cloud—the cloud was barely a wisp at that point—there was little payoff for breaking into an individual's accounts; the serious hackers were still going after big corporate systems. Email addresses morphed into a sort of universal login, serving as our username just about everywhere. If the whole system is designed to keep data secret, users will hardly stand for a security regime that shreds their privacy in the process.Comenity works with hundreds of well-known and much-loved companies to offer their customers — customers just like you — credit programs that connect loyal shoppers to the brands they love.Enhance your shopping experience with tips to optimize your finances.

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