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He simply didn’t know you than being his Harmless Platonic Friend.Be that as it may, it’s STILL possible to shake him out of this state of mind, but it’s NOT an overnight process.It’s the law of scarcity in effect – we want something we CAN’T HAVE.(Just like you!)It’s a psychological paradox that can be a pain in the butt, yet there’s no denying it plays a HUGE part in dating.And by that, I mean putting yourself you can do for yourself.Not only will you free yourself from a possible case of tunnel vision in his eyes, you’ll also be a heck of a lot less needy.

)That means stop focusing on that one guy and open up the other possibilities before you.In a lot of ways, it’s even more painful than actually breaking up with a guy.After all, obsessing over a relationship that If you play your cards right and approach your guy in a certain way, you may just have a chance of breaking free from the Friend Zone. Read on…The truth about the Friend Zone is that it’s NOT an emotional place that someone deliberately puts another person in.Having a go-to friend to hang out with and gripe about his lady problems is something he’ll appreciate.But you can’t fill that place in his life – not if you want to be his girlfriend, anyway.

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