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For one, streaming a movie for free through most torrent websites means you’re breaking copyright law.Illegally streaming copyrighted material is covered under the Copyright Act of 1976, and allows for people caught pirating content to be fined anywhere between 0 to ,000 per copyrighted work.You can use a given credit card number to subscribe to one free trial, but you won’t be able to use that card again on that service other than to start paying for the subscription.

There is a chance you will spend the rest of your life in jail if you proceed with using someone else’s credit card number. Think twice before using a free credit card number or CVV number you find online.

It’s how these services prevent the whole world from just free-trialing them to death.

Most of us only have a couple of credit cards, and so we can only sign up for a few trials before we have to sigh, bite the bullet, and start shelling out the .99 a month. “Not even Bill Gates has an infinite number of credit cards! Many credit card companies offer their members virtual credit card numbers, designed specifically for use in online transactions as a fraud prevention device.

If the Mad Hacking Bandit steals Amazon’s entire database, all he or she has access to is your virtual card – the one that you set to expire the day after you made your purchase. Since you have an endless supply of credit card numbers, you can continue doing this for as many months as you want the subscription service. So, decide if you can live with yourself or not before taking this route. The main one is that you’re going to lose all your watched-show history, because you’re creating a “new” account every time.

So you’re going to be retraining the site’s algorithms over and over, and never really enjoying the benefit of having the site know that you WILL watch anything related to the Redneck Comedy Tour, but DON’T want to see anything by Amy Schumer (or the other way around).

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