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Category: People, should only arrive at articles that are about people, e.g. Maintaining and tracking categories often requires more effort than a simple list.If you have a category that has vague criteria or that adds and removes members frequently, then maintaining a simple list is often more appropriate.As well as the standard links within articles themselves, every page has a link (typically at the side) called What links here.Grouping articles into a category is not the same as making a list of articles.Each category page contains an introduction that can be edited like an article, and an automatically generated list of links to sub-categories and articles that belong to the category.Categories do not form a strict hierarchy or tree of categories, since each article can appear in more than one category, and each category can appear in more than one parent category.They are "called" (inserted) by placing the template name, within the braces, on a page on which that text is wanted.

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This page is addressed mainly to those editing Wikipedia.There are two main ways to use categories: lists and topics.When starting a subcategory, making an early decision about whether it is a list or a topic will reduce later renames, recategorizations, and discussions.See also: Wikipedia: Categories, lists, and navigation templates and Wikipedia talk: Categorization/Archive 1#Lists v. John Brown's Raid on Harpers Ferry is an article, a category, and a navigation template.A template, whose name is marked by after, is a collection of text and/or formatting commands, which technically exist as a page of their own.

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