Frankie sandford and calvin goldspink dating

Not only did he make a cameo as Mollie King's date on The Saturdays' E!reality telly show If your favourite music icons are the Spice Girls and your favourite Ks are Kylie and the Kardashians, you need heat Radio in your life!The band later in the year temporarily moved from London to Los Angeles in hope to break America.

And Calvin Goldspink, 23, has moved on from singing to try and make it as an actor, starring in the CW channel's Life Is Wild and taking on the role of James Middleton in a TV movie about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.After a romance with Lawson singer Ryan Fletcher, the 26-year-old got engaged this year to Stevenage footballer Fraser Franks.Jay Perry: The singer has taken to the theatre since his . There is also his Twitter account, on which he enjoys sharing topless selfies, just FYI. The dance moves alone were enough to have us head over heels- never mind the fact that the band members were probably too young to even hear their songs played at teenage discos. Allow us to make you feel every bit your age as we re-introduce you to the band.Frankie Sandford: She went on to join The Saturdays, a huge success and she’s married to footballer Wayne Bridges. Rochelle Hume: Also a member of The Saturdays (currently taking a hiatus), is spending her time off hosting loved Calvin.

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