Eyetv program guide not updating

However, if I check everyday using the frontend system status, it says the mythfilldatabase ran, but no changes inserted, could be a grabber issue.

It does this everyday, until I shutdown the frontend and then run backend setup, exit, then restart and run mythfilldatabase which fills in all the missing days and brings me current with 14 days of guide data. Back a few months ago, it ran correctly without my intervention. If I need to look at a log, please tell me which one and where to find it.

2015-03-15 .253578 N Refreshing data for Sat Mar 28 2015 2015-03-15 .255285 I Retrieving datadirect data.

| | If the master is not running, rescheduling will happen when | | the master backend is restarted. Good: if MFDB is run from the command line, then remove the file in /tmp. The problem is that the file owned by jim:jim can't be written by user mythtv.I just hope your TV has Digital, not just Analog guide. If I run the backend setup, then restart and run mythfilldatabase, I get a complete 14 day of guide data from Schedule Direct.2015-03-15 .917760 I Found 154 2015-03-15 .917765 I Extending non-unique programids with multiple parts.2015-03-15 .926478 I Found 0 2015-03-15 .926485 I Fixing missing original airdates.

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