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If you'd like to subscribe or get more information, see the list's Yahoo groups web page.

COUPLES-L is a moderated list that focuses on "significant relationships, with topics encompassing sex, love, romance, and partner dynamics." Send usual subscription request to [email protected] CYBER-BUTCH-FEMME is "a space where women/lesbians identifying as Butch or Femme can join with others and discuss issues and day-to-day events." More information is available at the Cyber-Butch-Femme web site. DD-LL (Deaf Dykes - Lipreading Lesbians) provides a supportive online community for lesbians and bisexual women who have a significant hearing loss.

"We will tell each other about how it is to live as a lesbian mother in different parts of the world and share our experiences." To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE ES-MAMAS to [email protected] EURO-SAPPHO is a list for sapphic discussion on topics of particular interest to European dykes.

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If the instructions say "send subscription message," the message to send is SUBSCRIBE [listname] Your Name (e.g., SUBSCRIBE BIFEM-L Jane Doe): APLB focuses on issues related to Asian and Pacific Islander lesbian and bisexual women.COM saying that you want to subscribe to BOOKBABES.Include your name, email address, publishing affiliation, and appropriate, qualifying information about the publishing house and subscriber.BUTCH-FEMME is a list for butches and femmes and butch-femme relationship discussions.More information is available at the BUTCH-FEMME web page.

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