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Further education commissioner Richard Atkins had recommended a merger, following critical Ofsted reports in 20.The college, formed in 2012 after a merger between Easton College and Otley College, offers courses such as agriculture, horticulture and animal studies.Easton and Otley College is set for a major shake-up, with the Easton campus in Norfolk merging with City College Norwich and the Otley half becoming part of Suffolk New College.College bosses say it will be 'business as usual' for its 5,000 students in the run-up to next year's merger, but that changes are crucial to secure the future of land-based education.School age education was subject to a lot of politicians' promises about preserving budgets.

MORE - Easton and Otley to be carved up after damning Ofsted inspections There is good reason for this: this region has been a mecca for some of the UK's most ambitious and energetic farmers for a century or more. Or possibly Cirencester (Gloucestershire), or Reading (Berkshire)?There's a long list of possibilities, but two counties which definitely won't figure on your list are Suffolk and Norfolk.In the case of Easton and Otley, it was the educational equivalent of asking a patient to dance a jig a few hours after major surgery.College in crisis Perhaps inevitably, the inspectors still didn't like what they saw.

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