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Some of you will probably remember (or even still own) some of the games mentioned on this list.

See also: Best Gaming Chairs For Every Needs & Best Game Cube Games of All Time Jump back into this classic RPG, originally for the SEGA CD, now with brand new graphics and some exciting story changes.

Following the story of a hopeful young boy, this fantasy story is sure to keep you playing. The game follows Alex, a young boy living in a simple town with dreams of becoming a legendary hero.

The game plays from a classic top-down perspective, as you and your party engage in thrilling turn-based battles.

The five initial months ‘deposit’, or whatever is left of it when the tenant issues proceedings?

It is likely to have all been taken for rent by the time the tenant gets to court. David subsequently suggested to me in an email correspondence, that the problem might be resolved by the tenancy agreement specifying that the rent was payable in six month payments.

But is the five months rent paid in advance also a deposit?

This is the suggestion made by David, a member of the Landlord Zone forum, in a post here.

Attempt to retrieve the Triforce and save the day, all while experiencing the adventure of a lifetime. In each stage, Mario must navigate the level, solving puzzles and pulling off tricky jumps.

Your ultimate goal is to collect the key and rescue the various Mini-Marios, all in an effort to thwart Bowser’s plan.

This colorful title encourages player to think rather than act, as it focuses on interactive puzzles littered throughout platforming levels.

For a start, many more landlords will be at risk of the penalty than was previously realised.

However it would also mean that the deposit would reduce every month, which would involve notifying the scheme and endless administration.

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