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, the still-beloved cult classic that was critically beloved, adored and obsessed over by fans, and chronically underappreciated come award show time. One Golden Globe nomination for Sarah Michelle Gellar. Everyone who watched and re-watched Joss Whedon's landmark take on an idea that started as the 1992 film starring Kristy Swanson and Luke Perryand turned into so much more knew knew that they were in on something special. Sometimes, when you're thinking about Buffy and Angel (or Buffy and Spike, or Buffy and Riley—if Carrie and Aidan was your cup of tea, maybe), it's easy to forget that all have gone on to lead post-these people (and assorted creatures).

(They may have known it even more than some of its stars at the time.) And though Whedon has gone on to direct and stuff, the alchemy he cooked up on the set of the WB (and ultimately UPN) series is the stuff from which his reputation as a visionary—and one particularly in tune with the rises and falls of the teenage emotional state—was made. Gellar admitted during a panel at Paley Fest in 2008 that Whedon and executive producer Marti Noxon had to "talk her down off the ledge" on multiple occasions during the sixth season, most of which Buffy spent cloaked in self-loathing and having clandestine sex with James Marsters' vampire Spike after being yanked out of heaven and back to Sunnydale.

Couldn't really spend much time with Sarah Michelle—I've spent a lot of time since, whenever I visit [the U. He did, of course, contribute an interview and tweeted afterward, "Here's to 20 years and a wonderful group of people x." in 2014.

"Not to mention the fact that his show had way better catering than mine… A lot of times David will text me when there's some good food over there and I'll come and visit.

“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” aired from 1997 to 2003 and won two Primetime Emmy Awards during its run.

It was included in several “Top TV shows of all time” lists, including TIME Magazine’s “All-time 100 TV shows,” and inspired the spin-off “Angel,” which ran from 1999 to 2004.

Luckily, he hasn't had to deal with anything except me kissing women. He understands.""I swore I would never date another actor," Hannigan added.

Gellar starred as Buffy Summers, one in a long line of “slayers” who has been chosen by fate to battle the evil forces.She seemed otherworldly to me." Interestingly, as a fan she 'shipped Buffy and Angel, like any warm-blooded human, but "as an actress on set and working with James," she switched to Buffy and Spike.Because there had to be rumors of discord filming, there were of course whispers that Gellar and Charisma Carpenter, who played frenemy Cordelia, had issues in real life.It feels right, and you have to listen to that."Added Whedon, "There've been times that we didn't get along. But no matter what, she was the other half of executive producer David Fury said in a 2004 interview."I think there might have been a death of an aunt or something that she was dealing with but, regardless, I guess Joss kind of felt a little bit put off about the way it was done.

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