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Thus the vision seems to represent a throne-chariot, with wheels …

on the earth, four living creatures supporting a platform, and the throne of God above it.

The first twenty-four chapters were written before the fall of Jerusalem, but after the first deportations.

Ezekiel’s Vision of God’s Glory Riding on a Throne-Chariot (1:4–28a) The first chapter is taken up with a vision of the glory of God among the captives.

These are the Ammonites, Moabites, Edomites, Philistines, Tyrians, Sidonians, and Egyptians.

This is all vividly announced in unusual visions and symbolic acts.

The combination of similarities leads to the obvious conclusion that both Ezekiel and John saw the throne of God as it truly exists in the spirit, and they beheld the glory of God.

Beside each of the living creatures there was a wheel, or rather a wheel within a wheel (perhaps one wheel at right angle to the other like a gyroscope).

They worship earthly creatures or kings, forgetting that God is above all.

Above the firmament was a throne, with the LORD of glory seated upon it.

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