Dating someone out of pity

In his defence, he has been honest with you If you are hoping that you signed up for a long term commitment with a man who is prepared to put some labour into love and who will stay sober long enough to do that, you have not read the bold print, never mind the small print!The glue holding your relationship together seems to be pity That’s like the Little Pig that built his house out of straw.Most of them didn’t even realize the battle that was happening at the front. I had the phone propped, hidden on the side and was telling cross streets to my hijacker. ,’ is an example of what I would say, but honestly, I don’t remember much. Then, at my vulnerable moment, here is my son’s father. He took me to his favorite bar, and we drank too much. It’s the moment I was so unhappy, that my son’s energy level was low.

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He sighed and said, ‘I love you sooooo much mommy.’ ‘I love you too, baby.’ Right then is where I realized where I struggled the most as a single mother. When I met my son’s father I was going through a rough time.

A man came on my bus threatening to kill everyone – including myself – if I didn’t follow his orders. I honestly think I was afraid to offend him – I don’t know. My parents love me, but the last thing I wanted to do was go tell my dad I was pregnant. Now I am no weak woman, but I was afraid of what he could do to take my child away from me. He only shut me down and made me feel bad for needing my husband to comfort me. The moment I realized it was time to get out of this home wasn’t when I had to take a shot of hard liquor to even be remotely interested in being physical with my husband.

I wish this was a heroic story but really I just stayed strong and reassured the passengers to stay calm. He’d ask how it happened and I didn’t know how to respond. Everything inside me was saying to just detach from my son’s father and do things on my own. I remember the man officiating asking me, ‘Are you here on your own free will? It wasn’t during our fights about his pornography or him never helping with our son.

But he made sure to not have his checks transferred to my account. We’d go to our favorite park with ducks and feed them berries.

A few years later after working on myself and healing, I met a man.

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